Cool summer days are the best! Especially when you get to spend them in your own garden.




This lovely green dress was a gift from my mother’s best friend who lives in Vietnam. I really love dresses with silky and light fabrics, especially when they come in soft color schemes. It gives a more earthy and natural style.  With this dress I tried to wear a matching white belt, which surprisingly made the outfit look more interesting. I also paired it with a pair of black platform sandals to add some height to my petite frame. I must say I’m in love with this beautiful dress and will probably wear it many times this summer!

Dream a little dream…


It’s raining in Lund this evening, so peacefully and calm. It’s been a long time since I felt relaxed as today. The sound of Mama Cass harmonic voice is  in the background as a contrast to the rain. It’s something about old songs that makes me more nostalgic and mindful. Everything is so peaceful right now, especially when “Dream a little dream of me” is playing. Goodnight, my dear friends!

Calm summer days


Today I felt productive. I got up early today and decided to clean my bedroom before breakfast time. After breakfast, I went through my physics paper and practiced for the final exam. It was a lovely forenoon (can you say that?) without any phone or social media. I listened to 50s and 60s music while I sat by the window and felt the fresh summer breeze. Calm summer days are with no doubt the most wonderful things in the world! 

Vintage coat


I have always loved coats. They come in all colors, forms and materials. There are coats for all the seasons of the year and I love the way you can style your clothes with your beloved outerwear. This one is one of my favorite and has a marked waist and a separate collar (luckily not real fur). I have been using and loving this one for many years!

Jag har alltid älskat kappor. De kommer i alla fina färger och former, dessutom kan man använda de under nästan alla tillfällen. Dagens kappa är en vintageliknande sydd kappa med markerad midja och separat pälskrage (som tur inte äkta päls)! Har använt den här i flera år!